Maria Gonzalez-Schuppert

Teachers Bio Last Updated: 2/21/2021 7:47 PM

gon_shupMaría  González Schuppert

( Sra. González Schuppert)

First grade Teacher

-I was born in Chihuahua Mexico

-I migrated to the USA in 1986


-On Bilingual Education


-TESOL and Classic and      

-Modern Language

Minor Degree

-In Spanish

Working toward getting

-My National Board Certification

Teaching Experience

-Worked as Substitute

-Teacher and TA in El Paso TX.

Worked at CIAS 11 years

-(Combo 4th/5th class and First grade)

1 of my Education Philosophies:

-Is to teach students with passion,

but learn from them with passion

as well. 

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