Fatima Grajeda

Teachers Bio Last Updated: 2/21/2021 7:48 PM

fati_graDear Cien Aguas community,

I am so happy to say that for the seventh consecutive year I get to be part of a great family! For those of you who may not know me, my name is Fátima Grajeda and I teach 5th and 6th grade mathematics, and there is nothing I enjoy more than teaching math to my students. So you know a little bit more about me, I am originally from Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico and I moved to the United States at the age of nine years old. When I graduated from Highland High school I decided that my passion and dedication was going to be to focus on becoming a math teacher, preferably to help bilingual students. My journey to reach this dream began at the University of New Mexico where I received many scholarships that allowed me to totally complete my bachelors degree. After practicing the theory for a whole year in my own classroom, I decided it was time to go back to the University of New Mexico and work on my masters degree to learn more effective practices and become a better teacher in my community and in 2017 I received my masters degree in education. In 2012 I got married to my lovely husband and in 2016 we received the greatest gift of all and we became parents to our beautiful son named Marvin :) He is my entire life and everything I do is to be the best example for him and of course to my students.

I am very excited to keep being part of the Cien Aguas community and I am here to help in any way, please contact me for any questions fgrajeda@cienaguas.org

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