Colleen Elder

Teachers Bio Last Updated: 2/21/2021 7:47 PM

Colleen Elder graduated high-school in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She earned her undergraduate degree in Bilingual Bicultural Elementary Education from the University of Northern Colorado. She served as a bilingual teacher in North Texas for more than a decade. Eight years ago she returned to New Mexico, began teaching at Cien Aguas International School, and earned her Master’s Degree from the University of New Mexico in Language Literacy and Socio-Cultural Studies. She considers herself blessed to be back in the Land of Enchantment where she is surrounded by family, friends, and a school community that fill her life with joy.


Colleen enjoys traveling, learning, and sharing. She is dedicated to studying the Spanish language, as being a second language learner affords her opportunities to connect with people in ways that otherwise would not be possible. Colleen believes all people have something valuable to contribute to our world. She is committed to elevating all voices and facilitating collaboration between diverse voices. As a dual language educator, Colleen is committed to supporting all student’s personal, socio-cultural, and academic growth.

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