Valeria Rios-Giermakowski

Teachers Bio Last Updated: 2/21/2021 7:50 PM

Valeria Rios (art teacher) was born in Italy and raised in Brazil and Argentina. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Scenic and Costume Design from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and with a Master of Fine Arts in Scenic Design and Painting from The University of Montana. She holds a New Mexico teaching license with an endorsement in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Spanish and TESOL. Aside from being an art teacher, Valeria is also a set designer, painter and potter. Sra. Rios really enjoys travelling and focuses her lessons in art around the world, while connecting with each student’s personal life experiences. Sra. Rios has been teaching at Cien Aguas since 2010, and both her kids were students at the school. Valeria is passionate about bilingual education and loves working with the staff and students at this unique and wonderful school.

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