Rebeca Cortazar-Valderrama

Teachers Bio Last Updated: 2/21/2021 7:46 PM


Rebeca Cortázar comes from Pamplona, Spain. After graduating from the University of Burgos she began working as a teacher in 2003, passing the examination to become a public official of the Government of Navarra's Education Department  in 2007. During her 17 years of experience, she has worked primarily as a k-2 teacher in language immersion programs. Her curiosity to keep learning helped her get a scholarship to visit schools with dual language programs in Ottawa, Canada. In 2009 she moved to Denver where she worked for two years at a school as a first-grade teacher with English as a second language students. Rebeca is very proud to have organized the first Science Fair in Foreign Languages for her school district in Spain.

This is going to be her second year at CAIS and faces the challenges of this new course with optimism.

Rebeca and her husband have two daughters and a son between the ages of 5 and 9. The possibility of learning other languages and with it another culture is the main reason why she decided to move to Albuquerque. And of course because she loves diversity and wants to pass it on to her daughters and son from a young age so they can have more options to solve problems and make good decisions  for the rest of their lives.

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