Governing Council


Members of the Government Council of Cien Aguas: 


Lisa Meyer - Chair


Carolina Nkouaga - Vice-Chair


Alan Marks - Treasurer


Donald Duran - Member at Large


Michelle Christman - Member at Large


Meagan Parmley - Member at Large


Rob Woodruff - Member at Large



The Cien Aguas International School Governance Council will be holding its regular meeting this Friday at 8am followed by the Governance Council retreat.  For more information please see the attachment.  Thank you. 
Each meeting begins with a public forum so community members can come share comments and concerns.
The sign up is available before the meeting. You also can email the governing council at with any input or concerns that you may have.

There will be a special Governance Council meeting for Cien Aguas International School on Wednesday, June 12th at 8:00 am. 


Click on the attached link for a copy of the agenda.

Welcome! It's very exciting to serve all our families and staff. 

Update on Reauthorization of the CAIS Charter


Mr. Benavidez and representatives of the Governing Council have been continuing to research reauthorization with APS and the Public Education Commission.  Due to turnover in the APS charter school division and some other shifts, we will revisit at our August meeting whether we should reauthorize with APS or the PEC.  After the discussion, there will be a motion to authorize Mr. Benavidez to apply for reauthorization with APS or the PEC.


What are the responsibilities of the Governing Council?

The Governing Council meets monthly, and meetings are open to all community members.  The GC is responsible for approving school policies, major contracts, and the school’s annual budget.  The GC oversees the school’s financial affairs and is responsible for selecting and evaluating the director.  


How do I share my ideas with the Governing Council?


Governing Council meetings are held in the multipurpose room and begin with public forum. Community members are invited to sign up before the meeting to speak during public forum.  Each person is given two minutes to address an issue on the agenda or any other issue or celebration that you feel is important to bring before the council.  The Governing Council can also be emailed at  Your concerns and comments are important to us, please share them with us.  

We invite the community speak at our public forum held during each meeting. To register, you can sign up on the list prior to any meeting. Each person has two minutes to share any comments or concerns they may have.  Comments and concerns can also be shared by email: Your voice is important! 
Agendas and minutes of meetings will be posted at least 72 hours in avance on the bulletin board outside the office or on the Cien Aguas website. 


If you have questions or need more information
please call us at 255-0001
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